Hair transplantation is a well-established surgery with assured results to gain your natural-looking hairs back which grows like natural hairs & usually they are for your entire life!  You can go for a hair cut & style you dreamed for. They grow back even after you clean the scalp shave.  We have expertise in creating natural looking and undetectable hair transplants since last more than 10 years.

With the use of the latest technology such as digital microscopic dissection with 30 to 40 X magnification, it’s possible to make very thin grafts without damaging the structure of hair follicles, which are called as “ultra-refined follicles”. Because of these, the surgeon can place them in the recipient area by making very tiny slits with micro-blades. After regrowth, it gives a very naturally looking which mimics your original hair.

Hair transplant is a very superficial procedure you need not anticipate any surgical complications in an expert’s hand & at a good center.


Yes, there can be a reaction to any medicine such as local anesthesia also. We are using the medicines which are having the least chances of a reaction. We basically are plastic surgeons who are also experts in tackling emergencies in case of untoward incidence like a reaction to any medicine. Our center is well equipped to tackle the untoward events.


We adapt all the pain minimizing techniques during the procedure, so that it becomes very minimal, tolerable pain which you may feel for a second, only at the time of injection. Once local anesthesia is given, you will be in a relaxed mood, listening to music.

There are no major complications associated with hair transplantation when performed by an experienced surgeon in a good setup. Occasionally very minor complications like temporary facial swelling may occur (if you don’t follow the advice given by us) which usually resolves on its own without any medication and occasionally some pimple-like eruption can occur in the transplanted area. Damage to underlying nerves is rare.

Hair transplantation is a daycare and a simple procedure. Do not need hospitalization. You can go back within one hour of the procedure and you can take rest at your home. Generally, we ask you to come for a follow up for shampooing after 24 to 48 hours and you can start your normal work from the third day itself. Many of our Doctor clientage had started their work (including operation) from the evening of the procedure.


Depending upon your choice we can do the procedure even without removing the hair from the scalp, however, it is expensive compared to the procedure done with hair shaved. The advantage of a hair transplant without shave is that from the 2nd day itself no one can detect that you have undergone hair transplantation.

The latest technology like Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplant method, harvesting FUE with smaller size punches, Implantation with non-touch techniques, etc. gives more natural-looking hair after growth with more density & minimal damage to the recipient scalp area. It cannot be differentiated from the natural hair. It reduces pain as smaller sizes of recipient sites are created.

The very older surgeries involved plug type transplants which have become obsolete.

Even now some centers which cannot follow the latest methods and practicing the earlier methods the results after hair transplant are detectable and can be identified by anyone. Hence the technique and technology the surgeon is adapting are very important.


As we are adapting the latest method trichophytic closure method in FUT and smaller size sharp imported punches in FUE to give almost negligible scarring to the donor area. Even at the recipient sites, we are using very small size Multi Slit Knife, our own invention & patented technology, a more refined technology, to give almost negligible and undetectable scars. Very rarely depending upon the individual healing characters and nature of skin (e.g.keloid) some patients may get detectable scars.

A hair transplant involves only the superficial layers of the scalp and not the underlying bone and structures. It does not damage the skull bone there is no injury to the brain.

Transplanted hairs start growing after 3-4 months but the minimum time required to see appreciable hair growth is between 6-9 months, as the time progresses the hair becomes thick and achieves the thickness equivalent to your natural hair within 18 months.

There is no upper age limit. If you are medically fit, then you can get a hair transplant done. The lower age limit depends on doctors’ discretion and the patient’s will to undergo the procedure.

Depending upon the size of the balding area and quality & quantity of donor’s hair, it may vary anywhere between 1-3 sessions depending upon the individual.


The quality of hair transplantation is usually compared with regards to the hairline (Natural-looking or not?), Exit angle of transplanted hairs & their direction, the density of grafts placed per sq.cm, and the scar appeared over the donor area (whether it is FUT or FUE).

Transplanting 2000 to 2800 grafts per session.

Transplanting 2800 to 4000 grafts per session.

Transplanting >4000 grafts per session.

Transplanting more than 40 follicular units per sq.cm.

Most of the time companies try to attract the customers by projecting themselves that they are different. In hair transplantation also some may claim that their technique & instruments are great and patented. But before believing them you should know that already there are universally accepted best techniques and any new technique & new instrument is not at all a much variation from the existing worldwide accepted technique.

There may be a little variation from the existing worldwide accepted technique. There may be a little variation in the instrument used for example (like changing the shape of the cap of a pen then one can claim that their’s is a patented pen). Similarly, technique-wise also so as to give some difference some companies may change the terminology of the existing technique. So it is better to go through the information available on very reputed societies like the ISHRS website & also reputed forums & networks on the web like www.hairtransplantnetwork.com.

In addition to this, some companies even utilize some very famous celebrities for their brand propagation but at the same time, one should know whether the same surgeon & same technique will be done on you also.

Don’t forget to ask for the qualification of the surgeon because sometimes even technicians also act like really qualified surgeons and this procedure is not a beauticians procedure as it involves a lot of medical & surgical knowledge to practice this. Real professionals only should venture to perform this, but a lot of money is involved in this so many can try to attract you.

Our suggestion is, as this is not an emergency procedure we always suggest you acquire thorough knowledge about Hair Transplantation by browsing thoroughly over the net at least before committing yourself rather than repenting later.

With FUT (Strip), an expert plastic surgeon will usually able to safely harvest about 3000 to 3800 grafts (Sometimes up to 6000) & still giving you a good, inconspicuous scar. It also keeps the rest of the donor area virgin or undisturbed which can be harvested by FUE ( maybe in the same session) to yield another 1700 t0 2800 grafts depending upon the donor site density or another strip session after few months. In this strip method, the donor area need not be shaved and as a result of this, there will be no disfigurement in the donor area as the donor area well covered by the existing hair. This procedure is advocated by those who have sufficient expertise in surgery ( Plastic Surgeons are genuinely trained & are having maximum expertise), very good infrastructure, and technicians to do strip method.

With FUE, an expert can safely harvest about 2000 to 3500 grafts from the permanent donor zone. It is relatively less invasive but it gives thousands of tiny scars that patients accept easily. If you have a greater grade of baldness requiring >3500 grafts then the surgeon has to look for other donor sites like beard, chest, back, axilla, pubic areas(these hairs differ in texture, thickness, length, etc.). If not performed by an expert then there will be lots of damage to hair follicles. Those who have the infrastructure to do the strip method can also perform FUE because the Infrastructure needed is the less.

The following plans/techniques are Internationally accepted:

For grade VI & VII baldness (or person with a family history of Grade VI or VII baldness) is to combine FUT & FUE both.

For grade III, IV, or V baldness – age more than 40 years- any technique FUT or FUE is good.

For grade IV & V baldness – age 25 to 40 years- technique FUT is preferred than FUE.( Although FUE is not contraindicated, it should be chosen carefully).

For grade III – any technique FUT or FUE is good.

When you choose only FUE, be prepared for B.H.T.(Body Hair Transplant).

Some companies claim that they are directly implanting but may not implant hundreds of grafts and even most of the claimers follow FUE eventually – whether Artas- Robotics or iBrain-robotics or D.H.I.