Our center is one of the most popular hair transplant centers visited for hair transplant by patients from the USA, UK, Belgium, Australia, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong-kong, Taiwan, Japan, Africa, China, and other countries.

If you are planning a visit to India for a short trip with an intention to go for a hair transplant, the following tips will help you plan it better.
Whenever you decide to approach the clinic for your hair treatment, kindly follow the following steps:

How to Contact:

Contact us on our Whatsapp number +919824100010, +9824274810 &/or email us on
You are advised to send us photographs (with flash ON) of your
(1) Head region: From 5 different angles, which are front, top, back, left and right sides
(2) Beard: With 2-3 days of unshaved beard- photograph to be taken from below
(3) Chest hair: If your grade of baldness is higher

Example photographs:

How to know Your Treatment Plan:

Your photographs will be reviewed in detail by Dr. Atodaria and we will get back to you with the details of your treatment plan. Please feel free to contact us for any queries from your end.

How to Fix up the Date of Surgery:

After getting satisfactory answers to your questions, if you want to fix up a date of surgery, you can contact us to fix up a date. We will give you a tentative date. Once the tentative date is agreed upon, you need to deposit an amount of Rs.10,000/- in our bank account(details will be provided when needed).

How to Change of Date:

You will receive regular communication from the clinic. For changing the date of surgery, you are requested to call/contact us & confirm with us, as early as possible to avoid inconvenience.

Instructions for surgery:

You will receive all the instructions for before and after surgery, including the details of “Do’s & don’ts” on the day of surgery. Please do not ignore the instructions of shaving, shampooing and medicines.

The Day before Surgery:

You will receive instructions regarding the medications, reporting time, jewelry, and clothes that are permissible. It is advisable not to wear any jewelry. T-shirts are to be strictly avoided after surgery for a week.

Consultation & Designing your Hair Transplant :

We strongly recommend you to come for physical consultation before the date of surgery. But sometimes, planning your visit doesn’t permit it. In that case, you are requested to come one hour prior to the time of surgery. On the previous day, use Google Maps to calculate the time taken to reach our center from your location and start accordingly. After you reach, Dr. Atodaria will examine you and explain the entire treatment plan to you. You will be informed about the time that will be needed to complete the procedure. After changing into operating room clothes, you will be guided to the operation room where the process of “Confident & Younger looking you” will start.