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    Hair Transplant?

    Hair transplants are conducted using blades made from a precious
    gemstone called sapphire, instead of steel blades used in regular transplants.

    Hair Transplant

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    What is the treatment of Hair Transplant?

    hair transplant in surat


    M.S.,M.CH.(Plastic Surgery)

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    Dr. Atodaria, is a board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon practicing in Surat since 1993. He is the most experienced cosmetic surgeon in south Gujarat. He has been trained in USA for cosmetic surgery. He is expert in female or male breast reduction surgery with latest techniques to give best results with minimum scar and that too without drains!! His patients has the highest satisfaction rate in terms of preservation of nipple areola sensation, scar and overall results at a very affordable cost. His clinic is the first choice of International cosmetic surgery patients from USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Zambia, UAE, Mozambique, South Africa etc.

    What is Hair Transplant?

    Hair transplantation means, transplanting live hair roots onto the bald area. These transplanted hair roots behave in the same manner as the hair from the area where they are extracted. These transplanted hairs after growth can be cut or trimmed regularly. These can be shampooed or dyed if required. These hairs don’t require any medicines to maintain the growth as it occurs naturally and permanently. Even after complete shaving or tonsuring, these hairs will grow back and tend to do so for the rest of the life.

    Benefits of Hair Transplant

    • Better looks: When hair loss tarnishes your appearance and you suffer from low self-esteem, the reversal of hair loss will definitely boost your confidence as more hair on your head improves your looks.
    • It is a permanent remedy: Unlike the other medications and remedies from various sources , a hair transplant is a better and effective solution to your baldness problem. You don’t need to look for more solutions for hair growth after the surgery.
    • Cost effective: The best part is that you will in most cases never feel like having wasted your money for the hair transplant as the transplanted hair grows like your regular hair and you don’t need to use any specific hair products for its maintenance. Usually no follow-ups with your doctor are required in most cases.

    Hair transplant in Surat will cost around 10,000 to 2, 00,000 lakh Indian rupees. The cost will depend on the hair grafts required, and different techniques of hair transplant

    The term graft is used frequently in hair transplantation terminology and it stands for “hair follicle”. An average graft usually holds 2 or 3 strands of hair. 2000 grafts have approximately 5000 to 6500 hair follicles.