When the hair roots are harvested from other parts of the body e.g. Beard, Chest, Back, Pubic, Axilla or thighs, etc. & transplanted in the bald scalp or eyebrow/beard/mustaches, it is known as Body Hair Transplant.

When the scalp hairs are scanty then BHT  is done.

Common areas of the body for BHT

Beard is the most common site for harvesting body hair. 1000 to 2500 hair follicles can be harvested without much visible disfigurement of beard skin. Beard hairs are thicker than scalp hair & can give good coverage of the bald area.

Chest & abdomen are the next common sites for harvesting body hair. 1000 to 2500 hair follicles can be harvested & donor site is hidden in clothes. Hairs from this part are usually thin, short & different in characteristics than scalp hairs. 

Beard & Chest hair follicles: Number(2 & 3) of hairs in follicle shows our expertise & experience. Our expertise is very evident- Chest & Beard hair  follicles with 3 hairs

Axillary & Pubic Hair: Armpits and pubic area can also serve as donor areas. They can be used when the availability is less than the requirement. The hairs are thicker & can give a reasonable cover of bald areas. The characteristics of these hairs are different than those of scalp hairs.

Any other areas having terminal hairs can be used as a donor area e.g. back, thighs, arms, etc.

Here are the photographs of Body hair along with scalp hairs for comparison.  

Our expertise is very obvious is very evident – Many of Beard’s hair follicles having two hairs.