Follicular Unit Hair Transplant FUT involves the removal of a strip of superficial layers of hair-bearing scalp from the back and sides of the head (permanent donor area). The strip is dissected into fine follicular units with the help of digital microscopes and is transplanted on to the bald area (recipient area).
The main advantage of this method is to cover wider areas as it gives scope for obtaining more grafts in a single session. If the donor area permits, one can transplant even up to 6000 follicular units in a single session. Although this method leaves a scar in the donor area, by virtue of the latest advancements in the technology, this can be minimized by a technique called “trichophytic closure”. This method helps in minimizing the scar which is almost invisible after some time and even new hair growth is seen through it in most of the patients.
Centers that use microscopes will have a lesser chance of graft wastage (transection).
Only centers, that have more number of highly skilled surgical assistants with sufficient microscopes can carry out this procedure. This method is time tested one (gold standard) in hair restoration.

The scar of “FUT-Trichophytic Closure” is shown in the below photographs. This will give you more confidence in us.