What is PRP?

Our blood has two components – Cellular (RBC, WBC, and Platelets) and plasma. On spinning the blood the components get separated in layers – Red layer of RBCs, then a layer of WBCs, then Platelets and then a serum. After separation of RBCs and WBCs, with a special technique, a very high concentration(300 to 400 %) of platelets with plasma is achieved. These platelets contain various growth factors that can get activated on injection and in turn stimulate the existing weaker hair follicles to grow stronger & faster.


Under local anesthesia, PRP is injected near the weak roots of the scalp with the help of specialized needles. It usually takes around an hour & a half in total. Don’t come for the procedure empty stomach for PRP treatment. There is no downtime and no need for aftercare.

There are no international guidelines for how many times & at what intervals. Usually, PRP is repeated at a one-month interval for 4 to 6 times.

Expectation after PRP injections: Expect the thinner hair to become thicker to quite an extent and also helps in stopping hair fall. The effects of PRP will be evident in a few months after certain repetitions. It is usually used as a part of multi-therapy e.g. along with LLLT, oral, topical, or mesotherapy medicines.