About Our Center

hair-transplant-in-surat“Face n Figure” , Center for Laser, Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgery is an advanced center in terms of equipments , facilities & consistently  giving good results. It is catering to the people of Surat,  Gujarat, Mumbai  & NRIs from all over the world at affordable cost. The Center is located in a posh locality of Surat- Ghod-dod road. We have an experienced Cosmetic & Plastic surgeon, Dr. Pradip Atodaria, who is very well trained in India as well as U.S.A..Not only that at our center trichologists & hair transplant surgeons from various country come for training.

Our hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Atodaria is a member of  ISHRS [International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeon] & AHRS [Association Of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India]. His  relentless efforts to achieve the best has lead him to invent & patent an instrument that helps to achieve the ideal density [ > 40 FUGs/ sq. cm.] very easily which is very difficult for  the most of the centers to achieve. He also has invented & applied for patent another instrument which help in hair transplantation without shaving of hair.Read More

What are the criteria of  Ideal/Good hair transplant?

Hair Transplant in which

1]. Live hair follicle are taken from the permanent donor zone & implanted within 4 to 5 hours.

2]. The exit angle  and direction of hair mimic that of natural hairs with anterior hair line is irregular as follow:

Surat hair Transplant

Comparison of exit angle of transplanted & natural hair

SURAT Hair Transplant

Natural looking irregular Anterior Hair Line- with hair direction- After 20 days of Transplant

3]. Done with Ideal Harvesting Technique[FUE, FUT, BHT or Combination]: Ideal technique of harvesting of hair follicles differ in all patients according to  Family history, Grade of Baldness , Age of Patient, Choice of patient, Hairs at beard-chest etc.

4]. Tailor made Hair Transplant according to your requirement- e.g. more density, without shaving, less number – more coverage,

5]. More than 90% [average] growth of transplanted hairs.

6]. Almost invisible scar at donor site- whether FUT, FUE or BHT [ Body Hair Transplant]

7]. The procedure should be done in a center which is well equipped & can tackle any untoward incidence.


At our center we offer you:

[1]. Standard Hair Transplant: 

FUT- Strip method


Hair Transplant is done with shaving of recipient – donor sites

[2]. Hair Transplant without shaving: Custom made Hair transplant

Certain persons are in such a profession that they would not like to shave their hairs. For them we offer Hair Transplant without shaving of hairs at donor as well as recipient sites


[3]. Biologicaly enhaned hair root Hair tarnspalnt [After PRP treatment]


This is our own patented* technique developed by us in which after harvesting, the hair follicle is implanted in a single step by non-touch technique without exerting force which allows dense packing. – see video

Testimonials: You are welcome to  ask/see/meet our clients

Devenbhai: I am in Textile industry of Surat. I am extremely happy with my hair transplant results done by Dr. Atodaria. I found the center  very good & staff very co-operative.  I am very much satisfied with my results of hair transplant. Read More Testimonials