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Hair transplant is the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure for men. Unfortunately, it is not a part of the learning curriculum in any medical college. Thus, experience with this procedure among medical professionals is inadequate at best and non-existent at worst, even after  completing advanced training courses including M.D., M.S. or M.Ch. Resources for medical professionals to learn how to perform Hair transplant are scanty.

It is always advisable to visit a hair transplant surgeon who is an expert and has experience with all the techniques of hair follicle harvesting including FUE, FUT & BHT and all techniques of Implantation including conventional technique of pre-formed slit making + implantation with forceps, Stick & place method and Implanters. Detailed knowledge of all these techniques is important to make the decision about which technique to pursue to manage various grades of baldness and tailor the treatment based on each patient’s needs. Medical conferences do review techniques but provide very limited hands-on experience which is important to perform hair transplant effectively and troubleshoot problems in real-time.

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    hair transplant in surat


    M.S.,M.CH.(Plastic Surgery)

    Consultant Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

    Experience: 28+ Years

    Dr Pradip Atodaria is a highly accomplished and prolific hair transplant and plastic surgeon who has been performing hair transplants for over 14 years. He is a national recognized faculty and has delivered lectures at AHRSCON or HAIRCON. He has published his work in ISHRS FORUM, IJPS, JCAS and various other journals. He holds patents for several hair transplant devices including instruments for creation of slits and implanting the hair follicles. 

    He is an expert of all the techniques of harvesting e.g., FUE, FUT & body hair harvest. Dr. Atodaria is an enthusiastic teacher and is passionate about improving the quality of results and safety of patients undergoing hair transplant, both locally and nationally. To fuel this passion project of his, he has stayed active in the national and international hair transplant societies and delivered invited lectures on several occasions. He would now like to take this one step further and teach a detailed review course and share the knowledge that he has acquired during his practice of over three decades with his fellow practitioners. 

    This course is designed to review the basics of hair transplant, learn about the legacy techniques used in hair transplant, and lastly, but most importantly learn the new techniques developed by Dr. Atodaria to dramatically decrease the time and difficulty of performing hair transplant while retaining/improving the end-results of the procedure. This course will also provide valuable hands-on experience to the participants on dummy models and real-life patients. At the end of this course, the participants will feel confident about performing this procedure independently and can expect to be well-equipped with knowledge needed to troubleshoot problems that arise in practice.

    Our aims are:

    • To educate the candidate how to master the FUE harvest [both scalp and body] so that the transection of hair follicles is minimum & the yield is maximum  
    • To educate the candidate how to master the FUT technique so that you can manage higher grade of baldness by combination of FUE & FUT techniques
    • To educate about correct way of making slits & saving time
    • To educate the medical professionals how to deliver the best results even in difficult cases
    • To help in your practice especially in difficult cases.
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    We have kept two courses for hair transplant:


    Advance training will be given in group (4 to 6) as follow:

    Theory: Virtual theory lectures

    • Basic theoretical knowledge of Hair and scalp anatomy with details of nerve & blood supply
    • Basic knowledge of Pattern hair loss & its management
    • Medical management of Pattern hair loss- medicine, PRP, LLLT, Mesotherapy
    • AHL [Anterior Hair Line] marking & Exit angles of slit making, density, calculating required number of grafts and available number of grafts, different instruments for slit making, implantation, harvesting.
    • Local anaesthesia- preparation, how to give it with less pain, monitoring, Pre- and post-operative management
    • Hair transplant procedure video with detail explanation of the procedure

    Practice on Model: 03 Days

    • Slit making 1500 to 2500, Implantation- 1500-2500, FUE harvesting-1000-1500 in THREE DAYS
    • Marking of AHL, Vertex, Temporal triangles
    • Micro strip creation- slivering

    Hands on: 03 Days

    • FUE Harvesting: 100-300 follicles, Slit making 300-500 slits, Implantation 300-500 follicles,
    • FUT harvesting

    Advanced techniques & Other Help

    • e.g., beard, eyebrow transplant etc. -theory & practical (if case is available)
    • We will help you procure good quality instruments and establishing a centre*.
    • We will help you by audio-visually in planning in initial cases and may also physically come to help you*.


    Duration: One week

    The program includes everything mentioned in ADVANCED GROUP PROGRAM but you will be the only candidate in the program. It also includes the cost of advanced instruments for slit making and implantations. You will be given more practice on dummy and hands on as you are the only candidate. You will have privilege to observe other procedures also. We will help you in planning in initial 10 cases and may also physically come to help you**.

    COURSE: THEORY HANDS ON: Theory lectures & Discussion- Virtually 03 days on Model + 03 days on patients
    APPROVAL OF YOUR APPLICATION: Within 3 working days after you apply
    MINIMUM QUALIFICATION: M.B.B.S. (M.D. & M.Ch.- preferred)

    Interested candidates should fill up the following details and send it to us as an application on  . You can call on +91-9824033610 for any difficulties.

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