Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

  • Tummy tuck is a procedure in which excess fat is removed with liposuction, the excess skin from the lower part of tummy is removed with/without tightening of the separated-loose abdominal muscles to create an abdominal profile that is smooth, firm and younger-looking desired by the patient. Dr Atodaria, a Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons from Surat, Gujarat, India is performing tummy tuck since 1993. Well, the best way to have a good abdominal profile is to have a good diet along with exercise, but sometimes these may not help us achieve our goals. So, to reduce the effects of age, genetics, pregnancy or prior surgery, a patient may opt for a tummy tuck surgery by Dr Pradip Atodaria. 

Good Candidate:

A good candidate for tummy tuck is a person who is physically healthy, and has stable weight. And the person should be a non- smoker and should have realistic expectations.


You should discuss your surgical goals of tummy tuck with Dr Pradip Atodaria.  Details of your medical illness of past & present including surgeries, medicines, allergies, adverse reaction to medicines. You need to come with all old reports.

At DR. Smart Clinic, Dr. Atodaria will examine you and will let you know probable outcome of surgery including complications/risk factors.

The probable complications of Tummy Tuck are risk of anaesthesia, bleeding, infection, numbness, persistent pain or wound healing, possibility of revisional surgery, skin loss or scarring.


to prepare for a tummy tuck surgery. You may be asked to stop smoking and avoid an anti- inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can Increase bleeding, and you absolutely have to stop taking alcohol and tobacco of any kind. You will be asked to get lab testing or medical evaluation by physician/cardiologist who may also prescribed certain medications or adjust your current medications.


Depending upon the choice of patient, her medical condition & anaesthetist’s evaluation, it can be General Anaesthesia or Epidural + Spinal anaesthesia.

Hospitalization: 12 to 48 hours

Results: Usually visible immediately. Some swelling will be there which will be settled down in weeks to come.

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