Must Read

Why you must read?
Because it can save you from “Ghost Surgery”

What is “Ghost Surgery”?
The surgery which is practically done by only technicians in a clinic having a qualified doctor (but the doctor is doing nothing) or in a place where no qualified doctor is available.

Who can do a hair transplant procedure?
In India, Plastic Surgeons having M.B., B.S., M.S., M.Ch.( Plastic Surgery), Dermatologists having M.B., B.S., M.D.(Dermatology), who have received training for hair transplant and management of emergencies, are the correct persons to perform the procedure. Their membership can be confirmed on the AHRS-India website.

Always confirm “Who will perform the procedure”?
This is the most important thing you need to know because you have a limited number of hair follicles in your permanent donor zone and you can’t afford to wastage of them. Going to a beautifully designed center with a qualified doctor doesn’t mean that he/she will be performing your surgery. You need to clarify what steps will be done by your consulting doctor. Hair transplant procedures usually lasts for 6 to 8 hours. Compare consultation timings of the doctor with your procedure timings- if both are almost the same that means you will be not be operated by the doctor.

Why confirm?
At many centers, only teams of technicians with or without a doctor accompanying them performing the surgery. They carry out the whole surgery right from extraction to implantation. These are known as “Ghost Surgery” which is completely illegal and risky. There is a lack of technical skill, delicacy, and understanding of the pathophysiology of baldness. The number of grafts claimed by them is also wrong and they may not be harvested from a perfect permanent donor zone.

Few brands having clinics in multiple cities may not have a permanent doctor performing the surgery and his experience is usually less. The patients might not know his name also. This may not give the desired result to the patient if the surgery is not performed well. There might be another doctor when the patient visits the clinic after a few months. Low-cost hair transplant might turn out to be a very costly affair as you have got a limited number of hair follicles in your permanent donor zone.

Always ask your doctor his/her experience & expertise in various techniques of harvesting & Implantation:

Good hair transplant surgeon should be an expert with all techniques of harvesting- that is FUE, FUT & BHT, as the present international guidelines are favoring to do a combination of FUE, FUT & BHT. There is increasing international consensus to combine all techniques in most of the patients.

Similarly, a good hair transplant surgeon should be an expert in all the techniques of implantation that is a conventional technique of implantation with forceps, stick & place technique, and with Implanters also.

The hair transplant surgeon expert in all techniques of harvesting is the only surgeon who can plan the most suitable technique/s for your case. The rest of the surgeons will give you a bias plan of a particular technique.

At Smart Hair Transplant clinic, we are following the combination techniques since 2014. That is the reason why we are managing a higher grade of baldness better than the rest of the centers. Dr. Atodaria is an expert in all techniques of harvesting & Implantation.

How to choose the Best Surgeon for your hair transplant?

You should only choose a hair transplant surgeon having the following skills:

1. who can assess your present hair loss, & who can foresee your “Future Hair Loss” ( considering your family history, age & other factors),
2. who can plan your hair transplant procedure best suited to you
3. who is expert in all techniques of harvesting – FUE, FUT, BHT
4. who is an expert in all the techniques of implantation– conventional with forceps, the latest technique by using Implanter pen
5. who can do the hair transplant with or without shaving of scalp hairs

An experienced hair transplant surgeon expert with all techniques of harvesting & Implantation is probably the best-suited surgeon for your hair transplant. We see many patients who have undergone a very poorly planned first surgery with poor to mediocre results of first surgery & have exhausted donor areas. This makes the corrective hair transplant much more difficult.